Recovery of Noble Metals from Spent Catalysts
In collaboration with the research group of Professor Paola Deplano (University of Cagliari) we have found an innovative method, environmental friendly, for recovery and recycling of precious metals (Palladium and Platinum) from spent catalytic converters.



Selected recent publications
1. P. Deplano, M.L. Mercuri, E.F. Trogu, A. Serpe, P. Fornasiero, M. Graziani, “Method for Palladium recovery.” PCT/EP2005/051607, WO2005/100621.
2. A. Serpe, F. Bigoli, M. C. Cabras, P. Fornasiero, M. Graziani, M. L. Mercuri, T. Montini, L. Pilia, E. F. Trogu and P. Deplano, "Pd-dissolution through a mild and effective one-step reaction and its application for Pd-recovery from spent catalytic converters.", Chemical Communications 8 (2005) 1040-1042.


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